Hana Post

Hana Post is a Magazine and News theme based on Hana Theme Framework. It is fully integrated with Hana Block that allows you to build a beautiful and functional news site without coding.

How To Include Additional Fonts

Many Google fonts are included in the theme. However, we allow users to add additional web fonts through child theme. This tutorial describes the steps needed to achieve this goal.

Hana Block

Hana Block is a simple and powerful plugin that extends WordPress with Content Block function. Content Block is an essential part of CMS (Content Management System). As WordPress is traditionally a blogging system, it lacks the basic content block function.

Hana Widgets

Hana Widgets is a companion to HANA themes based on Foundation 6 framework. Hana themes are fully integrated with the plugin. In addition, this plugin allows users to keep the widgets when they switch to another theme.