Eorzea Time

Eorzea Time allows you to display in-game time for Final Fantasy XIV: ARR on your WordPress site.


  1. Unzip the `eorzea-time.zip`.
  2. Upload the `eorzea-time` folder to your `/wp-content/plugins` directory.
  3. Activate *Eorzea Time* in Plugin section.


There are two ways to display clocks:

  • Use the Eorzea Time widget
  • To include class ffxiv_clock anywhere in HTML


[code lang=”html”] <span class="ffxiv_clock"></span> [/code]

To display unspoiled node, use class ffxiv_nodes and specify the time in data-time attribute.

[code lang=”html”] <p> This note will spwan at 1PM <span class="ffxiv_nodes" data-time=13></span> </p> [/code]

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