Featured Content

Featured Content or Featured Posts are articles to be highlighted on the front page or top of the page. It gives your site a professional appearance and the benefits of featured content are very obvious. In our themes, we provide many ways to present the featured content. The question is how do you choose featured content

WordPress traditionally uses Stick Post concept for featured content. Once the post is sticky, it will always be displayed in the front of blog index. For causal blogging, this technique may be sufficient. However, it is really outdated and it also mess up the pagination. In fact, we do not recommend our users to use it.

Jetpack Featured Content

Our themes use Jetpack Featured Content feature. It uses a tag to identify the featured posts. If you switch to another theme, the tag and settings are still there. In other words, you do not need to change anything if the other theme supports the Jetpack’s featured content.


Jetpack uses post tag to mark the posts as featured. You create a new post tag called “Featured” (or other name) and then assign the tag to the posts to be featured. You setup the featured tag in Appearance > Customize > Featured Content and have the option to hide the tag from displaying.

Customize Options

We provide multiple presentation methods to display the featured content. The options are available in the Featured Content section of customizer. Currently we provide a carousel style or ticker style slider with options to control the slider mode and speed, a grid layout that supports up to 10 featured posts.

The featured content can be posts or pages. For standard posts, the theme will display the post title, the manual excerpt and the Call To Action button to the post. The theme has special logic for a Link post, it will get the URL from the first link in the post. In this way, you can use the Call To Action to direct users to different site/location – not the post itself.

You can tag a page as featured content as well. In this case, the theme will simply display the page content. This gives you the ability to create your own Call to Action text and links.

I will provide additional presentation methods in my future themes. In the meantime, please leave a comment if you have any good suggestion.

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