Hana Block

Hana Block is a simple and powerful plugin that extends WordPress with Content Block function. Content Block is an essential part of CMS (Content Management System). As WordPress is traditionally a blogging system, it lacks the basic content block function.

The design philosophy of Hana Block is simple and flexible. There is no fancy drag and drop. There is no live-edit. You simply design a webpage by creating reusable content blocks. Hana Block uses one custom post type hana_block and one shortcode [content-block]. It does not style the content but allows you to incorporate your theme’s style easily.

Content Block


There are 2 types of content blocks: Layout and Content. Layout Block is an optional block that defines a row in the grid and the layouts within the row. If you are not familiar with the grid system, you will learn Foundation 6 Grid System quickly.

The content block can be a paragraph of text, images, videos or shortcodes. It will be displayed on pages, posts or text widgets through shortcode [content-block] or theme supported actions.

Short Code

[content-block] currently supports the following parameters:

  • id or slug: The unique id or slug of the content block or other supported post types (Post and Page).
  • class: The CSS class for the content block.
[content-block slug="your-slug" class="alignright medium-5 columns"]

Additional parameters will be added in later versions to display posts in various formats using custom query.

Theme Support

Hana Block is designed to work with the most themes – not just Hana themes. As it requires Foundation 6 Grid System for the layout block, it will include the grid system automatically. If your theme supports the Foundation 6 or do not wish to add the grid system, you can add the following statement in your theme’s setup function.

If you like the plugin, please give it a 5-star on WordPress plugin directory. For feature requests, you may simply leave a comment here.

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