HANA is a feature-rich Foundation 6 theme that is perfect for your business or personal sites.

HANA means flower in Japanese, No. 1 in Korean, and Grace, Hope and Happiness in other languages. I am SAP SCM Consultant. HANA means High-Performance ANalytic Appliance, an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system. The goal of HANA WordPress Theme is to deliver a fast, flexible and feature-rich theme for my users.

HANA is built with the latest Foundation 6 Framework. developed by Zurb. Foundation 6 is a full overhaul from the previous versions. The total size of the framework dropped over 50% in comparison to Foundation 5.

My previous themes are mostly built with Foundation 5. To avoid major changes for my users, I decided not to upgrade those themes to Foundation 6.


  • 12-Column Grid
  • Mobile First Design
  • 3 Responsive Menu Positions
  • 4 Page Template: Multi-Column Portfolio Page, Full Width, No Sidebar and Home Page.
  • Advanced Widgets: Tabbed Site Navigation, Recent Posts and Marketing
  • Responsive Sidebar
  • Color Schemes: Standard Blue, Rewind Green and Dark.
  • Hana is Search Engine Friendly.

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