HANA is a feature-rich Foundation 6 theme that is perfect for your business or personal sites.

HANA means flower in Japanese, No. 1 in Korean, and Grace, Hope and Happiness in other languages. I am SAP SCM Consultant. HANA means High-Performance ANalytic Appliance, an in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system. The goal of HANA WordPress Theme is to deliver a fast, flexible and feature-rich theme for my users.

HANA is built with the latest Foundation 6 Framework. developed by Zurb. Foundation 6 is a full overhaul from the previous versions. The total size of the framework dropped over 50% in comparison to Foundation 5.

My previous themes are mostly built with Foundation 5. To avoid major changes for my users, I decided not to upgrade those themes to Foundation 6.

Due to the long review queue at WordPress.org, we are expecting the theme to be released around Thanksgivings. If you are interested to use the theme before approval, you may download the theme and install it manually.


  • 12-Column Grid
  • Mobile First Design
  • 3 Responsive Menu Positions
  • 4 Page Template: Multi-Column Portfolio Page, Full Width, No Sidebar and Home Page.
  • Advanced Widgets: Tabbed Site Navigation, Recent Posts and Marketing
  • Responsive Sidebar
  • Color Schemes: Standard Blue, Rewind Green and Dark.
  • Hana is Search Engine Friendly.

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