Why old themes are not updated?

Many users have asked why I am not updating the old themes developed several years ago. In fact, one of users gave one of the themes a 2-star rating while wondering what happened. This article explains the reasons behind my decisions.

Use The Latest Theme

At first, I am not a full-time web developer. I am developing themes for my own websites and sharing with the WordPress communities at the same time. When I develop a theme, I always try to use the latest web technologies. For example, my latest theme Hana uses Foundation 6 – the best CSS Framework right now.

Can you update the old themes to use the latest technology?

If I am a Theme Shop selling themes, it will be my best interest to update the themes. For example, a theme that is not updated for more than 2 years will not be searchable in WordPress’ theme directory. However, I have to think for my existing users.

A theme is a template system that allows users to extend it easily. If the core is updated, those extensions (e.g. Child Themes) need to be updated as well. In other words, there are many limitations to the extent I can update the theme without impacting the existing users.

Surprisingly the old Voyage Theme still works with latest WordPress 4.6 and PHP 5.5. Of course, it is not simply luck. It is because I strictly follows WordPress’ quality standards.

Other Reasons

I have been very busy on my real job – Supply Chain Management consultant for past 2 years. Many things have been changed when I restart the WordPress hobby again. The WordPress Theme Review Guidelines now require all themes (including old themes) to use Customizer instead of Theme Option page. It is also disallowing many other features in theme such as custom CSS. The new requirement makes any updates much harder as well.

Instead of waiting for a update, I recommend to use the latest themes not the 4 years old Voyage Theme. My themes are always packed with a lot of features and easy to use. It will make the transition seamless.

Hana is the new Voyage.

I hope you will like the new themes.

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