Featured Content

Featured Content or Featured Posts are articles to be highlighted on the front page. It gives your site a professional appearance and the benefits of featured content are very obvious. In our themes, we display featured content in a slider or ticker. The question is how do you choose featured content

WordPress traditionally uses Stick Post concept for featured content. Once the post is sticky, it will always be displayed in the front of blog index. For causal blogging, this technique may be sufficient. However, it is really outdated and it also mess up the pagination. In fact, we do not recommend our users to use it.

Our themes provide 3 options to select the featured content:

1. Featured Category

In this option, you create a new post category called “Featured” (or other name) and then assign the category to the posts to be featured.

2. Featured Posts

In Post Options panel, there is option called “Featured Post”. You can simply check the flag to mark the post as featured.

Please note that this option is only available to our themes. For example, the “Featured Post” flag will not be available if you switch to another theme. Therefore, we provide the support to Jetpack Featured Content feature.

3. Jetpack Featured Content

Jetpack uses post tag to mark the posts as featured. You create a new post tag called “Featured” (or other name) and then assign the tag to the posts to be featured. You setup the featured tag in Appearance > Customize > Featured Content and have the option to hide the tag from displaying.

Theme Options

In Appearance > Theme Options > Featured, you choose which option to be used and number of posts to be displayed.